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Best PowerPoint Templates for 2016

It's not always easy to prepare a professional presentation, but one of the most valid methods when it comes to creating them is to use Microsoft PowerPoint, which is one of the most popular Office programs till this day. 

But it may be quite complicated to master PowerPoint in a correct way. That is where comes free PowerPoint templates. You simply select an appropriate template and this can be the difference between a memorable presentation and the one that almost passes unnoticed. 

Using pre-made templates is quite simple, basically you just put your text and data in a nicely designed powerpoint template. Here are some of the best PowerPoint templates to use for 2016.


Not only this website is very user-friendly, it has a huge collection of modern PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and resources. You can even find more specific powerpoint templates, like charts and diagrams. Best thing of all, all the templates are absolutely free.

Best PowerPoint Templates


Official powerpoint templates are always a good choice. Although some of these online templates and themes for Office may look a little outdated, you will surely find several good free themes to use.

office powerpoint templates

3. Pinterest

You probably forgot about this one. Pinterest is great place to look for free PowerPoint templates. It shows them in simple effective manner, where you can see the picture and short description. You can also see how many people liked or repined  current PowerPoint theme. Just type "free science powerpoint templates" or  "free business powerpoint templates" for more specific search.


4. Google Images

Google is wonderful place to search for anything, but you can improve your search ability by searching for free powerpoint templates in google images. Just type in whatever template you are looking for, and click on images - you will see a nice list of images of PPT themes and backgrounds.



The PowerPoint templates you find on graphic river are not free, but they look really professional. So if you have an important presentation coming, why not spend a little extra money for really nice looking and high quality template for your next presentation.

graphicriver templates